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Chinese flowers. Properties and benefits of Chinese flowers.

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2024-04-18 13:55:07

Chinese flower (Day Lily) can be considered a Chinese herbal plant that Chinese people often call 'Jam Chai'. It can be said to be an annual plant that is in the same family as the lily tree. They are often dried. Before using it for cooking, it must be soaked in water first. so that the Chinese flower will swell up And what we eat is the part of the flower buds from the daylily variety. This Chinese flower can be called a medicinal plant that has a cooling effect. And has many benefits that are suitable for people of all ages.

General characteristics of Chinese flowers

The Chinese flower is a climbing plant with leaves similar to tobacco leaves. It is heart-shaped and yellow-green in color. The tip area is sharp. The edges are wavy. It is called a medicinal plant that likes partial sunlight. And will grow well especially if cultivated in a way that receives a moderate amount of moisture and water. and in loose soil The flowers are white and fragrant. It will bloom during the night. which is often grown as an ornamental plant It is also used to cook various foods, such as steamed pork or stir-fried oyster sauce, etc. and can be propagated by cuttings and seeds.

Benefits and properties of Chinese flowers

– Helps nourish and refresh the brain animated Make your memory better and prevent Alzheimer's disease or dementia well

– Helps stimulate the body to create better immunity to various diseases.

– Helps relieve internal heat symptoms very well.

– Helps nourish blood and prevent the risk of developing thalassemia disease or anemia

– Helps treat jaundice with yellow eyes and yellow body.

– Helps treat hemorrhoids

– Helps to urinate Make the excretory system normal

– Provides low calories, ideal for people who are losing weight.

– Helps nourish the nervous system Makes you feel relieved of various tensions.

– Helps you feel asleep easier and more comfortably.

How to eat Chinese flowers

– Boil Chinese flowers with pork to help nourish the liver and make you sleep better.

– Bring Chinese flowers Along with cane sugar and sugar Let's boil and eat together in the morning. It will make the digestive system better. Helps prevent hemorrhoids

– Take about 30 grams of Chinese flowers and boil them together with 30 grams of red beans and add a little honey for sweetness. Will help diuretic. and good for people with chronic glaucoma

– Steam Chinese flowers with red pork. It will help increase milk for women after giving birth.

– Chinese flowers can be boiled fresh or dried. Then sprinkle a little salt on it. Can help treat and relieve mumps symptoms

Prohibition on eating Chinese flowers

– Chinese flowers with poisonous roots or blooms should not be eaten. Because it may cause vomiting and diarrhea.

– Do not eat Chinese flowers that have not been thoroughly washed with water. Because it may cause allergic reactions and rashes. or asthma symptoms can occur Because it contains sulfur.

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