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2024-03-03 10:35:19


Scientific name: Canna indica L.


Common Names: Canna Lily, India Short Plant, India Shoot, Bulsarana

Other names: Bua Lawong (Lopburi), Palaya (Karen-Mae Hong Son), Phutthasorn (Northern region).

Botanical characteristics: It is an annual plant. The species has true trunks underground. and has an artificial stem consisting of leaf petioles Gathered together like a banana tree, about 50-200 centimeters tall, the leaves are shaped like pie leaves or lance-shaped. The leaves are bright green. The leaf veins are arranged parallel to each other. Like a banana leaf, about 30-40 centimeters long, the petiole is a sheath that covers the stem. Canna flowers form a bouquet at the top of the stem. The bouquet is 15-25 centimeters long.

When it flowers, it bears green fruit with shallow, lobed thorns. The mature fruit is black inside with seeds the size of peas. The flowers of Canna come in many styles and sizes because Canna is a plant that is easy to breed. Therefore there are more than 100 different types of strange flowers. As for the color of the flowers, originally there was only red. Yellow-orange and has colored spots mixed in, but from breeding. Breeding make present Cannas come in a variety of colors, including white, light yellow, pink, scarlet, red, pinkish-purple. Moreover, currently there is Canna breeding by using gamma radiation induction. Resulting in a greater variety of canna varieties. Propagate by separating shoots and planting seeds.

Benefits: In addition to being an ornamental plant. Canna also has medicinal properties. With information that in Papua New Guinea Use the tubers of the canna tree as the main food, like taro tubers and cassava tubers. As for Thailand, in ancient times Canna tubers are boiled and eaten to nourish the lungs, cure vomiting or coughing up blood. Sometimes the flowers are used to stop bleeding. Treat wounds with pus The seeds are crushed to relieve headaches. As for the current Canna varieties There is no confirmation of its properties yet. Therefore, plant canna as a flowering plant. It is enough to decorate the place beautifully.

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