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Kuman Thong Wan

ผู้ดูแลเว็บ วิทยาเขตสมุทรสงคราม
2024-03-04 09:53:11

Kuman Thong Wan

Krathum Wan/Takraw Wan/Sunset Wan/African Blood Lily/Blood Flower/Football Lily/Powder Puff Lily

Scientific name: Haemanthus multiflorus (Tratt.) Martyn

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Type: Herbaceous plant, many years old.

Height: about 50 centimeters

roots and trunk

The true trunk of Wan Kumanthong/Wan Sundaeng has 2 parts: the part that is underground or the head. Consists of sheaths tightly packed together in a spherical shape. It has a dark outer shell. And there are red-purple dots scattered all over the head. Old head with all the leaves falling off If dug up along with the roots, it will look like a child with his hair tied up and sitting on a root-shaped platform. When this head gets old, a new, small head will emerge. which will grow into new plants for planting separately

The second part of the true stem will be an above-ground stem that shoots up from the head with leaves splitting off to the side. Alternately arranged inside all four sides. The base of the plant will have purple-red dots all over. The stem and leaves will poke out after the flower stalk has pricked up. Which will be released at the beginning of the rainy season, around May-June. As for the root system of Kumanthong / Sunset herbal plant. It has a root system of fibrous roots that look like small round lines poking out from the base of the tuber.


Kumanthong leaves/Sunshine aloe vera It's a single leaf. Consists of a petiole and a leaf plate, alternating inside on all four sides. The leaves are smooth. and undulating The edges of the leaves are smooth and have no jagged edges. The leaves are a beautiful bright green color. There is a large midrib that is clearly visible. The leaves are about 20-30 cm long and 5-10 cm wide. The stem is above the ground. and the leaves will have a height of approximately 40-60 cm. Each plant will have approximately 4-7 leaves/plant.


Kumanthong flower/sunflower Stabbed into a bouquet which will stab up before the leaves It consists of a spherical green flower stalk with a large base and reddish-purple dots. and will be tapered at the tip The base of the stem is 2-3 cm. The tip of the stem is 1-1.5 cm. long. The peduncle will be approximately 30-75 cm long. Next, at the end will be a spherical inflorescence, size approximately 10- 20 cm containing many flowers, numbering 100-115 flowers The flower consists of 6 red petals with 6 red stamens and yellow anthers. The stamen has 1 red stamen. At the bottom is an ovary with 3 compartments. Each compartment develops into 3 seeds. Kumanthong flower/sunflower Will bloom for 7-10 days. The flowers on the outside will bloom before the flowers on the inside. And when the flowers bloom, they will not have a fragrant smell like other flowers. The flower stems will shoot out at the beginning of the rainy season when the rain has started to fall 2-3 times around May.


The fruit is smooth and round, size 0.2-0.5 cm. The raw fruit is green. Ripe fruit is red-orange. Inside the fruit there are about 3 seeds, but they usually develop and sprout only one seed.

Benefits of Kuman Thong/Solar Aloe Vera

1. Kuman Thong/Sunshine Wan Popularly grown as an auspicious herb. According to the belief that Is it the herb of Kumanthong or does Kumanthong reside there? which Kumanthong will help watch over the house and help protect farmers and family members And if you do business, you will help bring more people into the store. Therefore, it is popular to plant together with Mahalap herbal plants. and Wan Nang Kum or Wan the elder guards the house And if it is planted until it blooms, when will it bloom? The grower or people in the house will have good fortune then.

2. Flowers are commonly mixed with herbal essential oils. For use on body massage to help. and relieves fatigue, including the belief that it helps with invulnerability and longevity.

3. The flowers are crushed and mixed with amulets.

4. Used as an ornamental flower plant. Because the leaves are bright green And the flowers are red and beautifully round. Both planting in pots and planting into garden plots

5. Grown for selling tubers to generate income.


This plant's stems, leaves, and flowers contain poisonous sap. Strictly forbidden to eat.

Growing Kuman Thong/Solar Aloe Vera

Growing Kuman Thong/Solar Aloe Vera It is a plant that grows well in all soil conditions. And it is a plant that grows well both outdoors and in dim light.

Growing Kuman Thong/Solar Aloe Vera Can be grown from seeds and grown from separating new bulbs and planting them Including using the method of cutting the head into halves. Then planted the cuttings in a nursery pot. Then plant them separately. It's similar to cutting an aloe vera bulb in four directions.