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Phud Supachok

ผู้ดูแลเว็บ วิทยาเขตสมุทรสงคราม
2024-03-06 15:08:54

Phud Supachok

Scientific name: Gardenia jasminoides J.Ellis.


Gardenia angustifolia Lodge.

Gardenia angustifolia var. kosyunensis (Sasaki) Masam.

Gardenia augusta var. grandiflora (Lour.) Sasaki

Family name: RUBIACEAE

Botanical characteristics

trunk, shrub, or small tree It is a short bush with 1-3 m tall stems. The stem surface is white-gray. Branches grow out and leaves grow around the tree.

Leaves are single, divided into opposite pairs. according to the branch The shape of the leaves is oval-shaped, the leaf tip is pointed, the leaf surface is smooth and green. The leaf size is 3-5 cm wide and 8-12 cm long.

Flowers: Solitary, at the tip of the shoot or at the end of the branch. Each cluster has 5-6 flowers, depending on the species. The flowers are fragrant, white. The flower petals are stacked in layers or arranged in a single layer, depending on the species. Flowers grow to 2-5 cm.

Fruit: The fruit is a curved, pointed cylindrical pod containing 3-5 seeds.

Ecological conditions


ecological conditions

Grows well in sunlight. In the shade it will produce few flowers.

Place of origin

Originated from Sri Lanka.


in Vietnam, southern China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Burma and India

Planting and propagation

Propagated by seed.

Utilization type

ornamental plants

Popularly grown as an ornamental plant.

Source : https://www.royalparkrajapruek.org/Plants